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NSW Outback Tours Mungo Broken Hill Bourke from Sydney 2020

NSW Outback Tours Mungo Broken Hill Bourke from Sydney 2020

Travel in outback Australia is our speciality, and our new Covid ready tours in NSW, VIC and SA from Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane mean you don’t have to fly in a plane. When we commence we will ensure strict hygiene protocols are in place, including Covid clear health checks.

Darling River Bourke NSW Outback Tours Mungo Broken Hill Bourke from Sydney 2020

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2020 Vision – who had this one in their sights ?

Hello and welcome to this very unusual 2020.  I hope your 2020 vision is clear and your health is in good shape as well.

The key to staying healthy is good nutrition, looking after your body and plenty of exercise, and keeping social (eg by phone, Zoom, even Facebook)  –  so I hope you’re feeling good and healthy. Give us a call if you feel like a chat.

Spirit Safaris are grounded due to proximity and border crossing restrictions. These are to be progressively relaxed by June / July, with the NT planning to open all services in early June, with strict hygiene protocols. Overseas travel is not expected to be available for most of 2020 or beyond.

2020 Covid Clear Tours include the following –

You can reserve your interest in any of these tours in 2020 with a $100 fully-refundable deposit in case Covid-19 limits travel

The Covid-19 situation will be the end for many businesses but for many others, it’s a wonderful opportunity to re-treat and stay still. It’s in the stillness that creation happens – new things generate and this is happening all over the world at the moment.

I hope you’re staying well and keeping calm and peaceful and enjoying the opportunity to listen to the stillness. There are messages there for your evolution. Have you seen the amazing new comet and meteorite showers that have been happening lately ? Also Murchison meteorite studies have been in the news this week as a potential source of life on Earth – woo hoo


Songlines and Sacred Sites have been a passion of mine and one of the key reasons I started Spirit Safaris. A Free webinar on the subject is planned soon – so reserve your place and see a very different Australian Vision.

Here is a summary of the webinar  – Songlines and Sacred Sites online webinar presented by Richard O’Neill. Presenting a deeper understanding of ancient cultures connections to Earth energy, and how ancient and modern architecture has worked with this understanding. PLUS practical tips for health with an awareness of these energies. Includes many maps, charts and ancient artworks including tips to identify “hot spots” in your area

Reserve your spot here  – https://www.spiritsafaris.com/songlines/

Kimberley tours in 2021
are booking well, and big savings are available with prices at 2020 rates. – See https://www.spiritsafaris.com/kimberley_kakadu_tours  If you can’t find what you’re looking for please let me know

More Tour details

Tours are summarised with the calendar here – https://www.spiritsafaris.com/nsw-outback-tours/

Feel Free to Email or Call me on 0417 244 600 or 1300 763 188 if you have any questions

Thank you – and stay tuned

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Reserve your spot here for Songlines & Sacred Sites  https://www.spiritsafaris.com/songlines/