Meteorite Messages

Meteorite Messages

Meteorite Messages from Kimberley Bush University – New Creation anchoring in Australia

Powerful dreams of visiting elders, crashing meteorites, full moons,
giant winking kids faces in the rocks, spectacular early season storms,
and stunning rainbows were a clear green light for the new energy of
creation being anchored in the remote Australian outback. Spirit
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Meteorite Messages for new creation (full story)
Aboriginal elders agree – we need to bring black and white kids to these remote
rock art sites – sit them down together in the caves and share with
them the knowledge.  This was the discussion around the campfire
as Paddy (gently) exclaimed “Look at that !” – and we all turned to see
a massive green ball of light trailing an orange flame  go
screaming across the sky. Waine said he could hear it, we all sat wide
eyed at this amazing sight. Most meteorites fade quickly but this one
just kept on going – we expected to see it crash, but it disappeared
after seemingly ages, behind trees.   
This big green light and our dreams that night were clear messages to expand the
powerful teachings of connecting with the land, rock art and the wisdom
Aboriginal people have to offer. The next night we were singing
rainsongs, and two days later on entering the Bungle Bungles sacred
landscape, we were greeted by a cleansing storm, a full two months
ahead of season – so much rain the Tanami track was closed for a few
(This adds to the theory that singing in rain works – and we are experiencing
drought because we are not singing up the land – as Aboriginal people
have done for millennia.)
As we
entered the powerful energies of the Cathedral site in the Bungle
Bungles, the full moon rose to greet us, and a lone giant Jabiru bird
watched our progress. After our group sang some gentle songs together,
a giant child’s face appeared in the rock – winking at us – as an
affirmation of a job well done of supporting the new creation for
future generations. 
after processing film we had taken before entering the Cathedral,
further affirmation was provided of our experience and approval by
having inadvertently captured a “kiddie wink” from a smaller “winking”
bee hive dome (see photo).  

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Article by Richard