10 Top Tips for Outback Tour Travel from Spirit Safaris

 10 Top Tips for Outback Tour Travel from Spirit Safaris 

This page and video introduces 10 Top Tips for Outback tour travel from Spirit Safaris. Your enjoyment and safety will benefit by checking this out. Spirit Safaris have been outback touring for near 30 years, and these unique helpful hints are intended to make your outback tour adventure more enjoyable.

  1. For best photos bring a Black or Dark shirt to wear in light aircraft to minimise reflection on windows.
  2. Kimberly early season from May catches greener grasses and fuller waterfalls but maybe some rain & road closures. Mid May / June to early September are optimum times for weather.
  3. Bring old shoes (sneakers or crocs) for watery walks like through Tunnel Creek
  4. Bring a good headlight torch, spare batteries & USB cable – You’ll be amazed how handy they are.
  5. Pack up early for an early start – wildlife are out early to catch the early worms & avoid the days heat.
  6. Mobile Phone coverage is slim. Telstra works best but virtually no coverage in the Kimberley, except public or our on board satellite phone.
  7. Bring an extra plastic bag for wet swimmers or shoes.
  8. A broad brimmed hat & long sleeved shirts are better sun protection than chemical & heavy metal sunscreens
  9. Look away from passing vehicles to protect eyes and face, as stones often fly.
  10. Take sensible strong shoes for some rocky dusty walks and sandals to relax.

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