Karijini National Park Tour from Broome

Karijini National Park Tour from Broome

Here we are showing a bit of Karijini National Park on our Karijini National Park Tour from Broome – The Circular Pool behind us in the video there and we’re looking into the Hancock Gorge. The whole area is this beautiful sedimentary rock of the Hamersley Range – I don’t know a place in Australia like this – it’s very unique. Hancock Gorge there again in the background and that lovely Snappy Gum tree on my right. We see more of the gorges there.

This this is our 6 day Pilbara Karratha Karijini National Park tour from Broome. You can also join in Port Hedland or Karratha.

There we see one of the Karijini Eco Retreat eco tents that we stay and then more of the Hancock Gorge nearby Weano Gorge and Oxer lookout. This walk is down in the Knox Gorge which is pretty easy going walking. You can also walk along the top of the gorges from some great views and beautiful environment. The Snappy Gums are plentiful here with some very special bark features about them. The gorges have water and lovely pools in them for swimming in this special place.

We viist the Burrup Rock Art and very nearby is the Red Dog memorial as well, so we check him. On screen is one of the Rio Tinto trains coming back to Tom Price – You many see Hamersley Iron on the trains as Rio are major shareholders. Tis train is heading back to Tom Price for another load of iron ore to head back down to Karratha and the Dampier Port with around 286 rail trucks. We travel down this Rio Tinto Railway Road next to the railway line which is unique and needs a special permit to do so.

The LNG Gas Plant is also visited at Dampier – that where gas comes in from offshore rigs, is cleaned and liquified for export to Asia and beyond.

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Karijini National Park Tour from Broome