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Songlines Leylines and Sacred Sites Webinar

Songlines Leylines and Sacred Sites Webinar

Songlines, Leylines and Sacred Sites Webinar

This Songlines Leylines and Sacred Sites Webinar shows how ancient cultures, your ancestors and modern architects have worked with Earth Energy for thousands of years. This subtle energy is flowing through us all – and may be blocked causing dis-ease

Your body needs Grounding to Earth, which Increases your Vitality, Clarity & deeper sense of Purpose.

At the end of the webinar, I discuss health and how our bodies are influenced by the songlines. This is an opportunity to go deeper into understanding songlines and Your life purpose here on Earth.

Looking at my ancestors’ journeys, and Songlines was certainly a catalyst for understanding and purpose clarity for me.

Check out the FREE webinar at a time that suits you here  https://event.webinarjam.com/register/1/l872vuy

You can also buy the Expanded Songlines, Leylines and Sacred Sites Report here  https://excelink.kartra.com/page/songlines-expanded-report

See more details here  – https://www.spiritsafaris.com/songlines/

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Richard O’Neill