Tour Leadership & Guidance

Tour Leadership & Guidance


Join our Aboriginal family and friends for your journey of a lifetime!

Paddy Pansy Beryl & Darren
Hi – I am Paddy –
welcome to Ngarinyin country. Come and stay with us and learn about the
law and the lore and meet me and my family. We’ll show you some things
like you haven’t seen before – like Wandjina – big spirit of this place.
They call me Pansy –
cause I’m so sweet. I teach women’s lore and show how we live and look
after families up here. We’ve got a place for you too.
This is Beryl and Darren
– future caretakers of the Wandjina spirit and rock art of the
Kimberley. They can show you how to catch and cook fish and find good
bush tucker.

Visions from Ngarinyin  “Everyone Standing Up … ALIVE! ” – David Mowaljarai

“The elders must have a Vision … so the children can dream”

The Ngarinyin, Wandjina people of the Kimberley, have a particular
vision for themselves and Australia. Reflecting their philosophy, they
see their future as a co-cultural one; a relationship between white
Australia culture and Ngarinyin culture where the two Laws walk side by
side in a relationship of cooperation, sharing and mutual benefit. A
synergy of interactivity between the two cultures. Ngarinyin, Wandjina
people of the Kimberley.

Tour leader and operator Richard O’Neill invites you on the journey
of your life!

Depending on your time and objectives, experiences we offer include
connecting with the power and beauty of Australia at locations such as
the Kimberley, Kakadu, Uluru and central deserts.

Richard is a 5th generation Aussie bushman, adventurer and reveller of
the land, bush, beach, song and dance – with a gift of connecting
people to people, to nature and to what is most important to them to
expand their joy and evolution.

Richard leads the tours, and is assisted by experts in the fields of
land and environment, health and healing, personal empowerment,
Aboriginal wisdom.

Personal Vision
A vibrant, harmonious dancing planet, where creative beings excel
with passion, joy and love.

Personal Purpose
To enrich the lives of clients, customers and communities, and
support freedom of expression of identity, while honouring and
re-creating sacred environments … sustainably, passionately and
effectively …

Richard’s international experience has given him a grounding in Natural
principles, and an understanding of the values of cultures, including
indigenous, Latin, African and Eastern and Western cultures. This
enables rapid development of synergy and quality relationships amongst
people and Nature. Richard shows how to tune in to your own Nature, to
expand your awareness and to better understand the Nature of people for
your own sustainability, growth and self expression in this fast
evolving environment.

Experience includes –

* Consultant and project co-ordinator for NSW and WA Aboriginal

* Holistic healing training with Aboriginal, telepathy, kinesiology,
crystal energy and bio-energetics

* Aboriginal studies at Bush University with Ngarinyin people of the
Kimberley and other communities.

* Facilitator and program leader for international and local study
groups to Kakadu, Daintree etc.

* Leader and facilitator for Bush Business and Sunset Safari nature
awareness training for business

* Export and import consultant and facilitator for some of Australia’s
major companies

* World Competitive Manufacturing (WCM), Manufacturing Resource
Planning (MRP II)

* Anthony Robbins workshops and logistics support, “Strategic
Influence” and “Unleash The Power Within”

* Excellerated Learning Institute programs and logistics in Sydney,
Singapore and Hong Kong.

* World Games leading edge business and general education – founding
development team member.

* Research and study of indigenous cultures including in Africa,
Australia and USA.

* The Hunger Project team

* Business consultant for exporters and tourism operators

* Remote Area first aid qualifications

Connecting People & Planet … Re-Creation Journeys

Our Across Australia tours deliver creative and empowered people … with fun and caring.