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Latest 2015 Lake Eyre Floods Tours and Flights

Latest 2015 Lake Eyre Floods Tours and Flights

This video shows latest 2015 Lake Eyre flood waters streaming in from heavy rains in January 2015 from the Neales, Macumba and Warburton Rivers catchment areas. These flood waters are now flowing towards Lake Eyre bringing revitalization to the desert.

Latest 2015 Lake Eyre Floods Tours and Flights are here at https://www.spiritsafaris.com/lake_eyre_tours_flights

Latest 2015 Lake Eyre Floods Tours and Flights are available now.

Our Lake Eyre tours include 1 or more a spectacular flights over the inflow of water in Lake Eyre. light path is optimised on the day depending where birds and wildlife are concentrated. You will view the Birdsville Track  & Cooper Creek over Lake Eyre (north) OR extended Lake Eyre North flight with Warburton River, Warburton Groove and Tirari Desert .

Lake Eyre Flight includes viewing Cooper Creek, Warburton Groove (the major inflows), Elliot Price Conservation Park, Campbell Point, Jackboot, Halligan & Belt Bays, Lake Eyre South, major islands & landmarks.

You will Learn of the Marree Man giant sculpture. PLUS 4WD with wildlife & bird spotting to Level Post Bay & Donald Campbell Memorial at  Lake Eyre National Park on Lake Eyre shore via Muloorina Station. Alternatively, depending on where best water and wildlife viewing experiences are considered to be on the day, your guide may visit Lake Eyre South shoreline and lookout, and Oodnadatta Track highlights, such as Mound Springs (including “The Bubbler”) in the Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs Conservation Park and the old Afghan created palm grove of the old Ghan town of Coward Springs with great railway heritage and a chance for a swim in the hot springs.

View the latest 2015 Lake Eyre Floods Tours and Flights here https://www.spiritsafaris.com/lake_eyre_tours_flights


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