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Integrating People, Planet & Profit
is a Key to Vitality and Sustainability

Here are Your “Outside the Box” Solutions to bring new
Vision, Power, Purpose and Value to your organization and clients

“Inspirational… I re-wrote my
business plan the next day” – Company Director

I saw the importance of my role in my
company & how I can add so much more value” – Manager

“I really got why I’ve not been tapping my
full potential… this day has been a real breakthrough for me … the
group energy you brought together helped me see this – CEO &
business leader


  • Clarity,
    Vitality, Synergy, Expanded Awareness, Easier Income
  • Purpose &
    Confidence Building, Peace, Relaxation, Easier Solutions!!
  • Refresh with
    World Heritage National Parks or alternate venues

Sample Programs – Ask for details or
tailoring to your needs.

Welcome to Country – 1 or part Day
Ideal foundation for Team Building &
Purpose Building
– This powerful & fun program can include a traditional
Aboriginal welcome
to the land. It
expands sense of value of relationships to self, team, country &
community. A “Team Map” is produced on the day as
an enduring visual identity statement.

Creation Business – 1 day or part
day – Beyond sustainability

Experience Value & Creativity
development at powerful ”creation sites” with
“Natural Systems” to “re-lease” High Value
solutions to work themes or issues.

Burn the deadwood thinking and ignite your team
creativity and “higher value” purpose at the fire side… more

Natural Business “Vision Quest”-
1 day
Discover New PASSION, POWER & PURPOSE in Your Nature

  • Connect, Relax & Release Hidden Creativity &
  • Create Clarity, Sustainability & Be More “On-Purpose
  • Celebrate New Awareness, Team Resonance &

Team Building & Foundation building
expands awareness, communication, clarity, vitality, confidence,
. Explores natural systems & “conscious
communication” ..

Treasure Island – Sydney Harbour Safari
& Incentive

“Search & Create Mission”
– discover new value & solutions to lift team Beyond
“Survival” to “Thrival” – TeamMap &
Performance building options

In House or Outback – Your place,
our place, nearby, Uluru, Kakadu, Kimberley “Bush University” or
“Bush Business”
Ask about Triple Bottom Line
&Tailored Programs including:

  • Your Place in the
    “Australian Visions Quest” & Year Book
  • Adding Value to
    Your Existing Programs by including Your Nature or Customizing
  • 2, 3 5, 10 Day
    Blue Mountains, Uluru, Kimberley programs

Peace at Work – Corporate Meditation Training
Excelink Pacific is a collaborative
partner with Peace at Work bringing meditation training to
organizations both in the city and in the outback.

Peace at Work is a practical meditation technique that is not shrouded
in doctrine or mysticism. To start, you need no specific skills and as
little as 10 minutes a day. It provides you with the tools to release
tension and as a result, increase your clarity, productivity and peace
of mind.

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