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Corner Country Tours

Corner Country Tours
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Corner Country Tours by luxury 4WD via Broken Hill, Tibooburra, Milparinka, Cameron Corner, Moomba, Innamincka to the famous NSW / QLD / SA Corner – 4, 5, 8, 10, 12 Day tours from Broken  Hill Sydney and Adelaide exploring Sturt National Park Tibooburra, Milparinka, Moomba, Innaminka, Dig Tree, Cameron Corner – .

Includes 2 hour Cooper Creek cruise at Innamincka if operating

via Broken Hill to Broken Hill tour via Tibooburra, Milparinka, Cameron Corner, Moomba, Innamincka

Explore in the footsteps of Burke & Wills (visit the famous Dig Tree & historic reserve) this remote and fascinating area around the junction of the NSW, QLD & SA borders, known as Cameron Corner. Travel through Sturt National Park giant sheep stations from over 100 years ago, witness the Moomba oil fields & mighty Cooper Creek at Innamincka. Travelling in our luxury 4WD Landcruisers, you can stand at the famous Cameron Corner, and stay overnight at the “corner store”. Discover ancient Aboriginal rock art sites and hear the tales of the great Cattle drives as we travel the Strzelecki Track – pioneered by Captain Starlight as he stole 1000 cattle from Queensland QLD in 1870. Later, Sidney Kidman & Co and many others made their fortunes on the track pioneered by Starlight.

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Strzelecki Track History
Named after Polish Count Paul Edmund de Strzelecki, the ‘highway’ from Lyndhurst in the south to Innamincka and beyond in the north used to be one of the driest and loneliest tracks to transport mobs of fat cattle to the Adelaide market.

Today the southern point of the track is Lyndhurst, surveyed in 1896. Here Dutch born, self-taught Talc artist, poet, bush philosopher and supporter of the new flag for Australia, Cornelius Alferink has carved himself a place in outback art and modern history.

More than hundred years ago it was Captain Starlight, of Robbery under Arms fame, who gave the track notoriety. In 1870 Henry Arthur Readford, better known as Harry Redford, or Starlight, drove a thousand head of stolen cattle from Queensland, down the Barcoo and Cooper past Mount Hopeless, to Blanchewater where he sold them for $10,000. When finally apprehended in 1872, the now folk hero and his two accomplices were found not guilty.

In earlier days the track terminated at Farina and cattle from Avondale, Blanchewater, Cadelgo, Coongie, Cordillo Downs, Cullamurra, Haddon Downs, Innamincka, Merty Merty, Monte Collina, Mount Hopeless, Mount Lyndhurst, Murnpeowie, Nappa Merrie, Tinga Tingana, Titcha, and Wallelderdine were walked to its railhead to be transported to the southern markets.

Land at the southern end of the track was first taken up by John Baker at Blanchwater in 1857. At the northern end it were settlers from Warrnambool, Victoria, who gained pastoral leases in 1872. One of the first mobs of cattle to be walked down was in 1877, taking about ten weeks. The Strzelecki Track was last used by drovers during the 1930s.

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