Bush University Tours at Spirit Safaris

Bush University Tours

Kimberley Community Connections… Co-Creation in Action

Bush University
is an opportunity to spend time and learn with
Aboriginal elders – available on all our tours Click here

“By energizing a line across
Australia, we will heal the whole country” David Mowaljarlai OAM
.Bush University was established to enable “two way thinking” – a
sharing of wisdom between cultures. On our journeys we visit special Wandjina
& Bradshaw (Gwion Gwion) art sites
. This is an
extraordinary opportunity to be with Aboriginal people, learning from
their wisdom, recreating community & nature. An enriching &
fulfilling experience.You can experience incredible rock art galleries, with the
elders – learn about Aboriginal Lore, men & women’s
business, spirituality, bush medicines & food, language and
history, ceremony, rainmaking, creation, song & dance

Paddy Pansy Beryl & Darren
Hi – I am Paddy –
welcome to Ngarinyin country. Come and stay with us and learn about the
law and the lore and meet me and my family. We’ll show you some things
like you haven’t seen before – like Wandjina – big spirit of this place.
They call me Pansy –
cause I’m so sweet. I teach women’s lore and show how we live and look
after families up here. We’ve got a place for you too.
This is Beryl and Darren
– future caretakers of the Wandjina spirit and rock art of the
Kimberley. They can show you how to catch and cook fish and find good
bush tucker.

We operate north of Derby in the Kimberley region of Western Australia.
The concept was initiated more than 10 years ago by Aboriginal elder
David Mowaljarlai OAM as a means of co-cultural learning &
community understanding for his people, the Ngarinyin of the Kimberley
and the wider world. He energised a songline of energy from Sydney to
the Kimberley. He said by increasingly energising this line it would
heal the whole country.

In 1997 I spent time with Mowaljarlai, and elders of the Kimberley, and
understood more clearly what was meant by this. He died a few months
later, leaving strong impressions with many people of the value of
supporting the people, nature and spirit of the Kimberley for benefits
to all Australians, and increasingly the global community.

Spirit Safaris are delivering people to
share time and energy with people of the Kimberley to learn &
share, to rebuild community, plus building relationships & energy
of communities enroute – energising a songline Across Australia.

Your Benefits from participating
can be extraordinary and empowering.

  • Explore a deep
    connection to the land
  • Become part of
    the re-creation of country & culture.
  • Experience REAL
    Aliveness with high energy rock art, sacred sites & songlines
  • Marvel at
    spectacular waterfalls & pristine landscapes
  • Learn from the
    elders – practical skills including – bush foods, medicine, creation,
    energy, lore.
  • Connect past
    & present – Youth & Elders – and your community
  • Dine with the
    stars – Dance with the locals
  • Expand your
    understanding and connection to Nature and all life
  • Have Fun!!!
Bush University elements are incorporated in all our Tours Click Here