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Australian Wildlife Conservancy Tours

Australian Wildlife Conservancy Tours

Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary, Newhaven, Scotia tour to Sanctuaries

Tours visiting Mornington Sanctuary, Newhaven Sanctuary and other AWC sanctuaries

Ask about our Tours to Mornington Wilderness Camp and Wildlife Sanctuary and Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary operated by Australian Wildlife Conservancy.Private charter or tailored tours also available.

Increasingly Nature is asking us to give attention and increase awareness of our environment, which has always been our tour intentions.

We have tours visiting Mornington Sanctuary  (Kimberley tours) and Newhaven Sanctuary
(Tanami Track tours)
. Both these sanctuaries are operated by Australian Wildlife Conservancy.



Mornington Wilderness Camp


Located in the heart of the Kimberley, Mornington Sanctuary covers more than 3,000 km2 of spectacular gorges and tropical savannah dominated by the Fitzroy River and King Leopold Ranges. Owned and managed by the non-profit AWC, Mornington Wilderness Camp provides a comfortable base from which to explore this remarkable sanctuary. It is a naturalist’s paradise, providing refuge for over 200 species of birds and a diverse range
of other wildlife. All proceeds from the Wilderness Camp are dedicated
to the conservation of wildlife in the Kimberley.


AWC offers many enjoyable day trips around Mornington.
Popular activities include canoeing down Dimond Gorge and swimming and
exploring Sir John Gorge. Before dinner, enjoy a glass of wine as you
watch the sun set over the stunning Central Kimberley ranges.


Nature lovers can indulge in various guided and self-guided
tours. From birdwatching to exploring habitats unique to the Kimberley,
there is something for everyone.


Private tours are available to exclusive hideaways such as
the tranquil pools of Fitzroy Bluff.


Mornington Wilderness Camp Safari Tent


Sanctuary Tours

An enormous
wind-driven sand blanket covers much of central Australia, but at Newhaven,
shimmering salt lakes, pastel ochre clay pans, vibrant red parallel
dunes, undulating calcareous plains and dramatic purple-red quartzite
mountains cut with scarps and gorges punctuate the view. Each of these
landforms supports its own diverse range of plant communities that vary
in response to topography, soil and fire history. These communities
create a scattered patchwork of textured greens, yellows and greys,
providing stark contrast to the colours of the underlying terrain.

Parallel sand ridges, described by an
explorer as “an ocean of spinifex covered sand waves”
characterise the southern-most parts of Newhaven. Further north, an
extensive system of salt lakes lay strewn along an ancient calcareous
drainage line from east to west across the property, culminating in the
16 km long Lake Bennett. The lake rarely contain water, except after
periods of intense rainfall, but its fringes are home to unique
communities of salt adapted plants.

A crescent of bluff-edged ranges
dominate the north eastern corner of Newhaven. Black-footed rock
wallabies survive among the rugged boulder fields and gorges of these

Newhaven Sanctuary




Lake Eyre Tours & Flights

Explore the Corner Country
with Birdsville
& Lake Eyre Tours

operates tours to AWC sanctuaries and is a proud
financial supporter
of their programs.Check out our tours
visiting Mornington Sanctuary (Kimberley
and Newhaven Sanctuary (Tanami
Track tours)
. or future Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary on
our Lake Eyre Tours & Flights
or ask for details on a tailored tour package for your group.

Typical tour Inclusions

  • Small group
    luxury 4WD travel (maximum 8 / vehicle)
  • Professional and
    experienced driver / guides
  • Long established
    relationships with local Aboriginal people enriches experiences
  • Access to remote
    areas and rock art sites unreachable by most tour vehicles
  • Special time with
    elders for women’s business / men’s business and kids business.
  • Helicopter flight
    over Mitchell Falls, optional Bungle Bungles flights
  • Cruises with
    local guide at Geike Gorge, Fitzroy River  and Chamberlain Gorge
    El Questro (selected tours)
  • All delicious
    meals, including vegetarian, unless noted in itinerary. Celebration
    completion meal.
  • All camping gear
    which is modern and easy to use
  • Comfortable
    sleeping options (self inflating mattress or stretcher). Bring your
    bedding or available from us.
  • All World
    Heritage and National Park entry and accommodation fees
  • Aboriginal Art
    community visits for “direct from artist” purchases
  • Contributions of
    tour price supports Outback Kids and nature care programs.
  • A knowing that
    you are co-creating Australia’s future.
  • Learn practical
    skills –

    • Bush foods
      & medicine and survival skills for self and team survival and
    • Camping,
      tent, food health & safety
    • Rock art
      symbols guide / earth energy connection
  • A knowing that
    you are co-creating Australia’s past, present and future.
  • You – and Your
    involvement in a creation much bigger than most can imagine



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You can travel overland with us, or be met at Broome WA or Darwin, for Kimberley programs.


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