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Corner Country and Channel Country Tours

Join us on our Corner Country and Channel Country Tours, immersive journeys into the heart of Australia’s most captivating landscapes. For couples, singles, retirees, families and explorers alike, these tours offer a unique blend of adventure, cultural insight, and natural beauty. Tours of 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12 and 14 days are available, or can be tailored to specific needs. Departures from Broken Hill, Adelaide and Sydney

A Journey Through Time and Nature

Our Corner Country and Channel Country Tours take you through iconic outback routes. Depending on the length or tour you choose, You can experience the rugged Birdsville Track, the mysterious Simpson Desert, and the serene Cooper Creek. Each destination is a chapter in Australia’s rich environmental and cultural tapestry.

Cultural Insights and Ancient Heritage

On these tours, you’ll delve into the Aboriginal and Pioneer history that shapes the region. Our knowledgeable guides bring ancient stories to life, taking you to unique destinations that are the founation of building Australia as we know it.

Comfort and Personalization

We prioritize your comfort and safety. Our Corner Country and Channel Country Tours are conducted in small groups, ensuring a personalized experience. Most tours are relaxing outback hotel / motel accommodations, all tailored to make your journey enjoyable. If preferring camping options please ask.

Sustainable Exploration

As an eco-certified operator, Spirit Safaris is dedicated to preserving the natural and cultural heritage of the regions we explore. Our Corner Country and Channel Country Tours reflect this commitment, offering an eco-friendly way to experience the outback.

Embark on a memorable adventure with Spirit Safaris. Our Corner Country and Channel Country Tours are more than just a holiday; they’re a gateway to the heart of Australia. Book your tour today and join a community of adventurers eager to explore the untamed beauty of the outback.

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Dig Tree Dinosaurs Cameron Corner Tour Intro

Dig Tree Dinosaurs Cameron Corner Tour Intro video is here – check it out for this amazing tour from Sydney with a small group by GXL 4WD.  Join us on this amazing 10 day tour, that includes Cameron’s Corner, the dinosaurs in Southern Queensland, and the Dig tree with Innamincka the Cooper Creek and, Outback New South Wales, including the Macquarie marshes. We’ve got the Warrumbungles, amazing plant life, Macquarie Marshes and the Brewarrinna fish traps.

We see the ancient fish traps and there’s the museum in Brewarrina, fantastic, background to Aboriginal life in the region and in Australia. I hope you can join us, tremendous experience over 10 days visiting extraordinary landscapes and, iconic features in this region. We see the Cunamulla fella.

Dig Tree Dinosaurs Cameron Corner Tour
Dig Tree Dinosaurs Cameron Corner Tour Map

There’s the dinosaurs in Eromanga in southern Queensland, not far from the Dig Tree. And, the Eromanga Sea you can see there, Cooper Creek. There we are at Cameron’s Corner. And, uh, checking in there with the Wild Deserts Program, and the Milparinka, the sculptures at Broken Hill. Um, desert sculptures and a bit of wildlife there.

Add a little bit of flavor to the to the adventure. And there’s the Cowra Mining Museum and some Silo art thrown in there. And of course the Dish, at Parkes as well. So I hope you can join us.

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Dig Tree Dinosaurs Cameron Corner Tour - Cameron Corner marker
Dig Tree Dinosaurs Cameron Corner Tour – Cameron Corner marker

Dig Tree Dinosaurs Cameron Corner Tour -BurkeDig Tree Dinosaurs Cameron Corner Tour

Kimberley Cameron Corner Lake Eyre Mungo Silo Art Trail Canning Simpson Desert Tours 2023

Kimberley Cameron Corner Lake Eyre Mungo Silo Art Trail Canning Simpson Desert Tours 2023

Brahes Bourke and Wills Dig Tree on Kimberley Cameron Corner Lake Eyre Mungo Silo Art Trail Canning Simpson Desert Tours 2023
Brahes Bourke and Wills Dig Tree

Here are our latest Kimberley Cameron Corner Lake Eyre Mungo Silo Art Trail Canning Simpson Desert Tours 2023 with new dates and tours

PLus here’s a free peek at our recent Cameron Corner Macquarie Marshes Dinosaurs tour to Eromanga in southern QLD – just up the road. https://youtu.be/fbY2nyBp8jw – Next tour to there includes Lightning Ridge and Mungo NP and is in October (see below)

Your next adventures are here  –  including Kimberley, Silo Art, Lake Eyre, Cameron Corner Bourke & Wills Dig Tree and more…

Comfortable GXL Landcruisers with maximum 4 adults per car are our specialty

April 21 – 26 Cameron Corner Country Tour from Sydney to Broken Hill 6 days – please ask  https://spiritsafaris.rezdy.com/265487/cameron-corner-country-tour-from-broken-hill-to-broken-hill-4-days

April 23 – 26 Cameron Corner Country Tour from Broken Hill to Broken Hill 4 days https://spiritsafaris.rezdy.com/265487/cameron-corner-country-tour-from-broken-hill-to-broken-hill-4-days

April 28 – Arkaroola Wilpena Flinders Ranges Lake Eyre Tours 6 days 

April 28 – Corner Country Dig Tree Birdsville Track Strzelecki Track Oodnadatta Track & Lake Eyre Tours 8 Days – https://spiritsafaris.rezdy.com/272763/corner-country-dig-tree-birdsville-track-strzelecki-track-oodnadatta-track-lake-eyre-tours-8-days  – 2 seats

May 7-11 – Coongie Lakes Cameron Corner Country Innaminka Dig Tree  Tour from Broken Hill to Broken Hill 5 days – https://spiritsafaris.rezdy.com/391326/cameron-corner-country-innaminka-dig-tree-coongie-lakes-tour-from-broken-hill-to-broken-hill-5-days

May 12-15 Cameron Corner Country Tour from Broken Hill to Broken Hill 4 days https://spiritsafaris.rezdy.com/265487/cameron-corner-country-tour-from-broken-hill-to-broken-hill-4-days

May 13-15 – Lake Eyre Tours and Flight from Broken Hill to Broken Hill 3 days – see Lake Eyre 

May 13- 16 – Lake Eyre Tours Flights with Wilpena Pound Walks 4 Days 

May 16 – 18 – Mungo National Park Tour Broken Hill to Sydney 3 days – https://spiritsafaris.rezdy.com/490268/mungo-national-park-tour-broken-hill-to-sydney-3-days

May 22 – 26  – 5 Day NSW Outback Mungo Silo Art Wentworth Menindee Darling River Run Sydney to Broken Hill – https://spiritsafaris.rezdy.com/487851/5-day-nsw-outback-mungo-silo-art-wentworth-menindee-darling-river-run-sydney-to-broken-hill

May 23 – 27 – Silo Art Trail Tour NSW Victoria South Australia Sydney Adelaide 5 Days https://spiritsafaris.rezdy.com/388291/silo-art-trail-tour-nsw-victoria-south-australia-sydney-adelaide-5-days

May 28 – 31 – Adelaide to Alice Springs with Lake Eyre Wilpena Pound Flinders Ranges Coober Pedy 4 Days – https://spiritsafaris.rezdy.com/347395/adelaide-to-alice-springs-with-lake-eyre-wilpena-pound-flinders-ranges-coober-pedy-4-days

This listing or Kimberley Cameron Corner Lake Eyre Mungo Silo Art Trail Canning Simpson Desert Tours 2023 then have a Kimberley focus until return south …

June 4 – 15  – Kimberley Broome to Broome Accommodated Mitchell Falls Rock Art Bungles El Questro Lake Argyle Gibb River Road 12 Day Tour fully accommodated – 2 places


Jun 18 – 25 – Kimberley Broome to Broome via Gibb River Road Bungles El Questro Manning Gorge Tour 8 days – camping with likely accommodation upgrade options  2 places https://spiritsafaris.rezdy.com/429514/kimberley-broome-to-broome-via-gibb-river-road-bungles-el-questro-manning-gorge-tour-8-days

August 1-8 – Kimberley Kununurra (Darwin depart option) to Broome Lake Argyle with Mitchell Falls Accommodated 8 Day Tour – fully accommodated – 2 places

August 2-8 – Kimberley Kununurra (Darwin depart option) to Broome Lake Argyle Mitchell Falls option Accommodated 7 Day Tour – fully accommodated – 2 places

August 21  – Sept 4 – Canning Stock Route Tour Broome to Newman or Broome 16 days  https://spiritsafaris.rezdy.com/262743/canning-stock-route-tour-broome-to-newman-or-broome-16-days

August 21 – Sept 8  – Canning Stock Route Tour from Alice Springs to Alice Springs via Gunbarrel Highway & Tanami Track 19 days https://spiritsafaris.rezdy.com/392146/canning-stock-route-tour-from-alice-springs-to-alice-springs-via-gunbarrel-highway-tanami-track-19-days

September 12 – 21  – Simpson Desert Adelaide return with Birdsville Track & Lake Eyre 10 Dayshttps://spiritsafaris.rezdy.com/303064/simpson-desert-adelaide-return-with-birdsville-track-lake-eyre-10-days

September 12 – 21 – Simpson Desert Crossing Alice Springs to Mt Dare Dalhousie Birdsville Boulia Alice Springs 10 days – https://spiritsafaris.rezdy.com/397267/simpson-desert-crossing-alice-springs-to-mt-dare-dalhousie-birdsville-boulia-alice-springs-10-days

September 12 – 24 – Simpson Desert Crossing from Alice Springs via Hay River Madigan Batton Hill Camp 13 days  – https://spiritsafaris.rezdy.com/396543/simpson-desert-crossing-from-alice-springs-via-hay-river-madigan-batton-hill-camp-13-days

Sept 23 – 26 – Cameron Corner Country Tour from Broken Hill to Broken Hill 4 days

October 2 – 13 – Cameron Corner Dig Tree Dinosaurs Mungo Lightning Ridge Macquarie Marshes Menindee Broken Hill Silo Art Tibooburra Innamincka Bourke NSW Outback Tour 12 days https://spiritsafaris.rezdy.com/558729/cameron-corner-dig-tree-dinosaurs-mungo-lightning-ridge-macquarie-marshes-menindee-broken-hill-silo-art-tibooburra-innamincka-bourke-nsw-outback-tour-12-days

These availalable (at time of posting) latest Kimberley Cameron Corner Lake Eyre Mungo Silo Art Trail Canning Simpson Desert Tours 2023 are listed on our All Tours page and our Booking site here

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Cameron Corner Country Innamincka Dig Tree Coongie Lakes 4WD Tour

Cameron Corner Country Innamincka Dig Tree Coongie Lakes 4WD Tour – NSW / QLD  / SA Corner – 5 Day Corner Country from Broken Hill return to Broken Hill via Tibooburra, Milparinka, Moomba, Innaminka, Coongie Lakes Dig Tree, Cameron Corner – Explore in the footsteps of Burke & Wills (visit the Dig Tree) this remote and fascinating area around the junction of the NSW, QLD & SA borders. 5 days from Broken Hill (or Sydney Adelaide or Melbourne by rail, fly or coach options available) –

Details below  …

Explore in the footsteps of Burke & Wills (visit the famous Dig Tree & historic reserve) this remote and fascinating area around the junction of the NSW, QLD & SA borders, known as Cameron Corner. Travel through giant sheep stations from over 100 years ago, witness the Moomba oil fields & mighty Cooper Creek at Innamincka. Travelling in our luxury 4WD Landcruisers, you can stand at the famous Cameron Corner, and stay overnight at the “corner store”. Discover ancient Aboriginal rock art sites and hear the tales of the great Cattle drives as we travel the Strzelecki Track – pioneered by Captain Starlight as he stole 1000 cattle from Queensland QLD in 1870. Later, Sidney Kidman & Co and many others made their fortunes on the track pioneered by Starlight.Cameron Corner Country Innamincka Dig Tree Coongie Lakes 4WD Tour - dig tree

Cameron Corner Country Innamincka Dig Tree Coongie Lakes 4WD Tour Details …

Day 1 – Depart Broken Hill (or Adelaide day prior) through the Barrier Ranges on the Silver City Highway via Packsaddle for Milparinka and the Albert Hotel. Appreciate this once thriving gold mining town at the restored Milparinka Heritage Precinct. We check out the Tibooburra pub and considerable town before heading into the Sturt Desert & crossing the Grey Range with a stop at Fort Grey. The park protects an enormous arid landscape of space and solitude. The rolling red-sand dunes of the Strzelecki desert ripple through the western section, graduating past surprising wetlands surrounded by white sands. After some great opportunities for photos, and to explore we arrive at Cameron Corner on the 3 states corner (NSW, SA & QLD) for a tasty meal and overnight at the “Corner Store”.

Cameron Corner Country Innamincka Dig Tree Coongie Lakes 4WD Tour - corner post

Day 2 – Travel via Bollards Lagoon, the Yellow Bus site (now buried) and Merty Merty station, crossing the sand hills of the Strzelecki Desert, and Creek as we head for the Strzelecki Track and the uncanny Moomba oil & gas fields. We pass the site of the geothermal power plant / hot rocks project of Geodynamics where Australia has the hottest rocks on Earth, outside of volcanic areas. Arriving in Innaminka, check out the birdlife at sunset on the Cooper Creek before a delicious meal at the Innamincka Hotel Overnight Innaminka.

Hot Rocks – Geologists think that 10 million years ago, the granites in the Cooper Basin, South Australia, were exposed at the surface. Since that time they have been covered by a sedimentary layer, four kilometres thick, that acts as an overlying blanket; trapping the heat and preventing it from escaping to the atmosphere.

The heat is created by naturally occurring radiogenic decay that heats the granite to more than 250 degrees Celsius. The granite temperatures in Europe are only 180 degrees Celsius. The granite belt in the Cooper Basin is fractured in horizontal layers and these fractures naturally contain water at very high pressures – up to 5, 000 pounds per square inch.

Day 3 –  In 1928 the Australian Inland Mission (a part of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia) built a hospital at Innaminka, the Elizabeth Symon Nursing Home. Known as the Mission hospital, it was restored with funding from by Dick Smith and Australian Geographic, and now serves as a museum and National Parks office. A fascinating historical record here.

Today we explore more of the Cooper Creek region and Coongie Lakes, (conditional on road being open) a unique wetlands area in the desert sandhills approximately 100 km from Innaminka, attracting birdlife from afar. A rare chance to visit this remote and surrounding area

Malkumba-Coongie Lakes National Park is one of the most spectacular of South Australia’s natural attractions. The park is a pristine water world made up of channels, waterholes, lakes, internal deltas, shallow floodplains and interdune corridors and swamps. Motorboats, camp fires, fishing and generators are not permitted in the park, ensuring a genuine wilderness experience.

Coongie Lakes is listed as a Ramsar Wetland of International Importance. The waterbird diversity is high for an arid wetland and is a significant feeding, resting and breeding site for an enormous number of birds that migrate to the area. The wetland plays host to a diversity of wildlife including fish, reptiles and frogs. It transforms into a breeding ground for an enormous number of migratory birds from around the world. The contrast from sand dunes to vast wetlands is remarkable. The park is a true wilderness for visitors seeking a place of solitude to enjoy nature. Take advantage of the wilderness – camp, canoe, enjoy photography, bushwalk, discover the Aboriginal history and generally relax in the calm surrounds of the wetlands. Overnight Innamincka.

Day 4 – For the early birds take a stroll to the nearby Coopers Creek look at creek side birdlife usually brimming with life.  – and quirky Innamincka – before we head for the SA/ QLD border and Nappa Merrie Station (previously owned by S Kidman & Co) to the Burke & Wills Dig Tree. Here, Burke & Wills, their support team waited 3 months and provisions were buried for the northern explorers. The support left 1 day before Burke & Wills return, and the supplies were not found leading to their demise. Lots of history, and birdlife here on the infamous Cooper Creek. Heading south we travel through picturesque desert then into sand hill country via Orientos, Santos and Sullivans Tank before crossing the border into NSW at the Warri Gate on the Dingo fence, and once again into the Sturt Desert. Taking in vast stony plains, the towering red-sand hills of the great Strzelecki Desert and the unusual flat-topped mesas around the Olive Downs, this park covers 340,000 hectares of classic outback terrain. Thanks to the protection of the dingo-proof fence, there are large populations of western grey and red kangaroos. We arrive Tibooburra for dinner & overnight at the local hotel in this most remote NSW desert town.
Cameron Corner Country Innamincka Dig Tree Coongie Lakes 4WD Tour - outdoor museum

Day 5 – Time to explore Tibooburra, and the Outdoor Pastoral Museum.  Flat-topped mesas and fantastic views characterise the central Jump-Up country. Remnant gidgee woodland, the catchment system of the ephemeral Twelve-Mile Creek and gibber and grass-covered plains dominate the east, while 450 million year old granite tors surrounding Tibooburra form part of the southern boundary of the park. We leave town and head for Pooles Grave & Depot Glen where in 1845 Charles Sturt’s men were stranded and lay camp. Travelling south via salt lakes and vast plains we arrive Broken Hill late afternoon with many a tale to share. BLD

Inclusions –

  • 5 days with 4 nights Hotel Motel Accommodation – twin share or single supplement available
  • Genuine small group tour vehicle – 4WD Landcruisers with a maximum of 4 people per car.
  • Professional Driver Guide
  • All meals
  • Wild wildlife!!
  • National Parks entry fees.
  • Tour price supports Outback Kids &Nature Care projects.
  • Book or Call Now 1300 763 188

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