Eric and Rosemary Pepprell

Dear Richard,Many thanks for organizing a great trip for us. Adrian was a wonderful host and guide and we enjoyed his company immensely.Regards

Scott & Suzanne

Hi Richard, Thank you very much for the wonderful trip and for showing us very special places. The Kimberley’s is much more than we could have imagined. Thank you for sharing your time with us, and we appreciated your cooking expertise, the food was great. (You can share that comment with your doubters) Also a thank you for the caps we wore them around Broome the last day we were there.
Thanks again.

Lenette Mullen

Hi Lynne, Thank you for a very informative, interesting tour. While the intention was always to do a flight over Lake Eyre and the flight met my expectations, I found the tour bent beyond what I expected. Your willingness to accommodate my wishes, to show me historical places I didnt even know about and to provide me with a great experience went beyond my expectations. I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your tours to anyone. Thank you.

Marg White

Dear Lynne, Just a short note to thank you for your expert guidance on our tour of South Australia and Lake Eyre recently.
Joan and I appreciated your depth of knowledge and your total professionalism. On behalf of my sister Joan, thankyou for the side trip to “Reilly’s” – Yours sincerely

Margaret (Maggie)

Hi Richard, Doug and I are safely home and hope you are having a break. I want to thank you very much for putting the ”Spirit” into the safari across the Tanami. I appreciated your care of, and interest in, each of us, and sharing your knowledge of Aboriginal culture, spirituality, both of the land and life in general, made what was quite a physical challenge for me more bearable especially over those couple of days totally in the bush! In fact it was enjoyable. Playing the Ekhart Tolle CD was very thoughtful and special for me, so thanks for sharing that too. The entire trip was really excellent – good food. good company, lots of local information about places and peoples, a spirit of co-operation and fun seeing amazing scenery and wonderful paintings at the art centres. You are a terrific guide and we look forward to another trip in the future (with bathroom amenities for me!!). I will attach a few photos for you. Again, thank you so much for everything. Best Wishes and may the Universe fulfil your dreams

Cheers Doug Murphy

Richard – Here is an unsolicited testimonial to you. Maggie has already emailed you. I-we, really enjoyed our trip with you across the Tanami. I think looking at scenery is just a small part of the adventure, that the things we do together, like pitching the tent or visiting an aboriginal painting session, are far more important. The most significant part is interacting with the tour leader and the other participants, in this case, Kelvin and Wendy. So I enjoyed the company of you three. Having read the newspaper article referred to in the link below, I have a better appreciation of your role and I can see just how professional you are in conducting your business. It just made the trip very pleasant and satisfying. I look forward to renewing our acquaintance on a future trip. (Maggie is prepared to join a safari, with overnight accommodation, through the Kimberleys. For me, I would be quite happy camping on any trip, So, can you keep this in mind?).

Thanks again for a wonderful time.

Jenny Loft

Hello Richard, Here is an image of a bronze sculpture I am exhibiting at a gallery in Melbourne. I thought you might like to see this one … as it was inspired by our wonderful Kimberley trip last year. Wishing you all the best for a busy and productive . Kind regards.

Steve & Lee – on Tanami Track Tour

Jerry – Hope all is going well for you. Both Lee and I found it difficult to say goodby. You had been such a great guide but not just a guide a friend over the previous days and we did not know what to say. So it is a big thank you for a very special experience. Steve & Lee – on

Audrey & Merv

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful experience you gave us for our holiday with you.”

HELLO! LYNNE & RICHARD – Don’t know where you will be – Richard but guess Lynne will have been to the Kimberley’s and back by now and either planning or embarked on her next tour!
Merv & I would like to again say “Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful experience you gave us for our holiday with you.” Despite the couple of “hiccups” – not inflicted by the bottle either,we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of our fantastic tour with Spirit Safaris. We haven’t stopped talking about you and how we were looked after and still can’t believe that we could see and enjoy so much in 6 days. There is so much to see in that vast outback area! There is no doubt that Lynne does a fantastic job of Organiser, Packer-up, Driver, Mentor and even Photographer – I might add I have had 669 photos developed and put in 3 Albums. We feel privileged to have made a wonderful bond of friendship with you both – the booking and travelling was so personal. I am so glad I chose Spirit Safaris out of all those that flashed up when I googled – “Tours & Flights Lake Eyre” early this year.
We had a lovely time at Glenelg after Lynne dropped us at the Tram stop – how many Tour companies would be so helpful? It was a day down memory lane as we had been there many years ago. Free tram trip – we were asked did we have a Seniors Pass – I said no but our Queensland Senior’s Card was sufficient and the Lady Inspector didn’t even want to see it.
The next 2 days we travelled with Enjoy Adelaide Tours – they were quite good but don’t cater for photos – just get from A to B with designated stops. No step stool and fairly high step into them.

We went to Hahndorf – loved the autumn leaves which we never see in Queensland; couldn’t see anything from Mt. Lofty as it was covered in fog.
The last day we did the Victor Harbour Trip – was a great day out – had a delicious Seafood Platter at the Original Fish Shop at Victor Harbour – even the chips were not fatty!
Enjoy Adelaide Tours are more reasonably priced than the others and I would say we saw as much as the other companies do. Only problem there was – I was pulling myself up by the handle provided and must have broken a capillary vein in my arm- and being on warfarin I ended up coming home with a black arm where the blood leaked under the skin – from about 2 inches above to about 4 inches below my left elbow. Needless to say – I wore long sleeves until it cleared up.

No more news for this issue so I’ll love and leave you – all the very best to you both – from Yours sincerely

Jim and Bernadette Wright

Bernie and I are writing to express our complete satisfaction with our recent tour from Alice Springs. In particular we want to express our appreciation of the job done by Jerry. He was constantly on the alert for our needs and guided us through each day’s activities expertly. He was totally organised and nothing was too much trouble for him despite some very long days.