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Kimberley Tours

Kimberley Tours, Kakadu & Top End Tours – Broome to Darwin 4WD tours or reverse

Small group luxury 4WD camping tours or private charter tour in the Australian Outback to remote nature, Wandjina and Gion Gion ( Bradshaw ) rock art sites.

Cockburn Range from Gibb River Rd at Pentecost River Kimberley tour


The Kimberley region is in the north of Western Australia, extending from Broome in the west to Kununurra and Lake Argyle in the east, from the sea to slightly south of the main Great Northern Highway.

The Kimberley has two distinct seasons, the dry and the wet. During the dry, which runs from May until October, the weather is warm and comfortable. The wet, which runs from November until April, is characterised by heavy and short downpours in the afternoon or early evening which provide a refreshing change after a hot day.

The best way to see the beautiful Kimberley is on a private, small-group luxury 4WD accommodated or camping tour or private charter tour. Fully accommodated or camping – it’s your
choice. Our seven or eight day Kimberley Top End Traverse tours travel between Broome
and Darwin or Broome and Kununurra (both directions) and are uniquely able to show you the real, magnificent Kimberley, much of which was formed 350 million years ago.

The Kimberley is one of Australia’s last frontiers and one of the world’s last great wilderness areas. It’s certainly big. There are over 400,000 square metres of land to explore, making the
region a sixth of Western Australia, or the size of California!

With a population of only 30,000, the Kimberley region is truly a rare and unique area – a last frontier of world.

With only one sealed road through the entire region it’s definitely uncluttered by tourists, but still very much open and accessible to adventure lovers, particularly when you have our experienced, Kimberley loving tour guides to see you through.

Highlights of our Kimberley tours include the beautiful pearling town of Broome and the world-famous Cable Beach with its turquoise waters, and the remote Gibb River Rd can give you a feel for the Aboriginal and pastoral history of the Kimberley, and take you to spectacular inland
river gorges that were formed over millions of years by the forces of nature, such as the Manning and Galvans gorges. Use a rope to swing into a rockpool, let a waterfall massage your back, or just relax in the peace and quiet.

The tiger-striped, sandstone domes of the Bungle Bungles are wonderful to see by air, but getting closer to them by 4WD is a completely different experience – we do both. We visit the Kimberley towns of Katherine and Kununurra; the cattle station and wilderness resort of El Questro; Zebedee Hot Springs; the Drysdale River Homestead; the stunning Mitchell Falls with its spectacular rock art; and one of Australia’s largest non-government protected areas, and a hotspot for birdwatchers, Mornington Wilderness Sanctuary, operated by Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Kimberley Rock Paintings wandjina

And a visit to the Kimberley wouldn’t be complete without discovering the rich Aboriginal history of the Great North West and actually meeting some of its indigenous inhabitants. We visit with Aboriginal artists and elders and see Wandjina and Bradshaw rock art sites. The elegant and sophisticated paintings known as the Bradshaws, or Gwion Gwion, are claimed to be the
world’s oldest figurative paintings.

Listed below are all the individual tours we have available for the spectacular Kimberley region.

Outback Tour with our Kimberley Tours, Kakadu or Tanami Track tours from Broome, Darwin, Sydney, Uluru & Alice Springs. Spirit Safaris Kakadu & Kimberley Tours include

Kimberley 4WD Tours Darwin to / from Broome  via Gibb River RoadTours

5, 8 and 13 day tours Kimberley to / from Darwin to Broome or Broome to Darwin or Broome to Broome tours


Complete Kimberley Tour kimberley tours  Mowanjum Festival Kimberley Tour
Clear Clear Clear
Complete Kimberley
Tours 13 days
Kimberley Traverse Darwin to
with Mowanjum Festival 13 days
Top End Kimberley Tours Kimberley tour Bungle Bungles Tour - Kimberley tour
Top End Traverse Kimberley Tour – Darwin to Broome Tours Top End Traverse Kimberley
Tours Broome to Darwin
Clear Clear Clear
Bush University tour  Kakadu tour
Clear Clear Clear
Bush University Tours Kakadu
& Darwin to/from Alice Springs
Mowanjum Festival Tanami Track Tours Wolfe Creek Crater
Clear Clear Clear
 Mowanjum Festival – Combine with Darwin Broome Tour Tanami Track Tours – Alice Springs
to Broome or Broome to Alice Springs
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